Train your clients

Building A Community of Fitness Enthusiasts


We are committed to being a vehicle for personal trainers to enhance and grow their business within the Fitness Urbano community.

Referral & Marketing Services


Unlike other gyms, we don’t charge fees for referrals. Based on your skills and availability, we’ll match you up with our gym members and website visitors helping you grow your business/customer base.


Fitness Urbano’s team develops marketing programs to promote our personal trainers on our website and community through social media and innovative marketing tools. Located in the heart of Potrero Hill and around the corner from Potrero 1010 Apartments.

Assessment Room

We have a private room for initial client intake and initial/ongoing assessments for convenient and private meetings with your clients.

Lounge & Kitchenette

We provide a private lounge for you to relax between client sessions, eat your lunch, read, access our wifi to catch up on email, collaborate with other trainers, etc.

No-Crowd Training Facility

We use a robust scheduling software that allows you to schedule your client sessions in advance. We control the usage of the facility so you won’t have to compete with other trainers or gym users for equipment or for space when conducting your client sessions.

Other Services

We provide additional services for your comfort and convenience. Further, we’ve made sure your clients are comfortable and taken care of. You and your clients will have use of the following services.


Enjoy our brand new women’s and men’s locker  and changing rooms. We have towels and bath products for your use so you won’t need to lug that stuff around.

Competitive Hosting Rates

Keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket is the shared mission of you and Fitness Urbano. Our per session hosting rate is 25% lower than other local gyms. 

If you are already a Fitness Urbano Trainer, login to schedule a session or purchase more sessions.

If you are not already associated with Fitness Urbano, you can Request to be a Trainer.

Benefit of Services

No membership fee to your clients

25% savings compared to other facilities

No fee referral and marketing services

State of the art facility for hosting multiple personal training disciplines

Education & Certification

Years Experience

Do you have liability insurance?