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  • National Academy of Sports Medicine | Certified Personal Trainer

  • CHEK | Certified Exercise Coach

  • CHEK | Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level

  • Yamuna | Certified Foot Fitness Practitioner

  • Yamuna | Certified Body Rolling Practitioner

  • SF School of Massage | Certified Massage Practitioner

  • California Yoga Company | Certified Hot Yoga Instructor


Bill is a personal trainer and fitness coach with a passion for bodywork and healthy living.

His focus is working with people with injuries, chronic pain and/or discomforts, and postural issues. His emphasis is on improving posture, strengthening core, and teaching proper recruitment of muscles. This helps correct imbalances, restore proper range of motion, reduce or remove pain, and increase strength and endurance.

Bill has been active in fitness for the last 30 years and learned the hard way how working out without proper guidance can result in injuries; an injury in his early twenties left him in chronic pain. Over the next twenty years, living a healthy life, receiving skilled bodywork, and adhering to a regular self care fitness program ‘cured’ what ‘modern’ medicine could not. Today, in his fifties, Bill lives an active life without pain. The way he works comes from many years of training combined with his own personal journey from injury, through chronic pain, and into healing.

Each client gets a uniquely personalized program, which includes exercising and raising awareness about the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Rather than treating symptoms alone, Bill uses a holistic approach, which looks at a person as a whole and seeks to restore optimal health and well-being.


  • Core conditioning

  • Relieving pain

  • Enhancing mobility and flexibility for functional movement

  • Correcting postural, structural, and muscular imbalances

  • Strengthening foot structure and improving gait performance

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A Word from Trainee

"After three years of going seriously bonkers with my tech neck, keyboard elbows, computer shoulders, carpal and cubital stuff. Could hardly sit, stand or lie down. Name it, tried it: acupuncture, chiropractor, digital detox, ergonomic stuff, gadgets, osteopath, yoga, physiotherapy etc. Finally savior arrived in the form of Bill Mohler, the best Personal Trainer in the world. In four months at the gym we have gone from hardly being able to do anything to totally functional. Not once has it been boring, this kind and fun guy always comes up with new tricks and my muscles, nerves, joints love it. Today I am officially out of rehabilitation and moving on to building fitness! Halleluja!"


Gym Trainee

"I have worked with Bill over the past four years. He is an extraordinary teacher and coach. In addition to his significant technical knowledge, he is a great listener and does a good job of tailoring workouts to your needs. He is also just a pleasure to spend time with."


Gym Trainee

"Training with Bill does it for me. I get bored in a gym easily. To stay in shape I'm used to changing things around in terms of how I exercise. With Bill I reached a new level. It's no longer about getting stronger, faster, more flexible, and agile. It's about getting full awareness and conscious control of my body for the life I want to enjoy. And, yeah, I get pretty strong and flexible in the process, which I, too, enjoy."


Gym Trainee

"Bill is among the most inspiring fitness professionals I have met. I have attended his yoga classes and his Yamuna ball rolling classes, and I have been relieved of severe back tension and pain through his thai massage. So, how is he inspiring? His style is not that of the "rahrah," over-muscled, steroidy body builder. Bill's style exudes strength and power that comes from his solid spiritual core. So whether he's guiding me through a yoga session, a Yamuna session, or even weight training, I feel growth, strength, and in healing in my spirit as well as my body. Bill's unique life experience and perspective makes this possible."


Gym Trainee